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Beeps from the Box

October 14, 2017

Beeps from the Box Cover Art

A collection of songs I made in BeepBox a few years ago, back in the olden days of BeepBox 2. If you want a WAV download for a song, go to the BeepBox link next to it and export from BeepBox as a WAV.

Disclaimer: One of the cover songs has been removed from this release to avoid any sort of copyright risks. As for the other two songs covered, I'm fairly sure the composers are fine with them, based on other covers and remixes I've seen of them. If you are Ben Prunty or Jeroen Tel, first of all, hi! Second of all, if you don't want me to share these covers, then just let me know and I'll gladly take them down.

This album is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-3.0). For more information, see my License page.

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1. Assembly Line

A busy minor track with a vaguely industrial theme.

BeepBox Source

2. Jazzmania

A chiptune swing beat complete with a bass solo!

BeepBox Source

3. Space Groove

A dark, lonesome, and mellow space track with a slightly jazzy groove. One of the first complete songs I made in BeepBox!

BeepBox Source

4. Spooky Drone

An eerie, droning track that could be good in some sort of retro horror game.

BeepBox Source

5. Ben Prunty - Space Cruise (Cover)

A cover of Ben Prunty's "Space Cruise" from FTL: Faster Than Light by Subset Games. This isn't quite the full song, but it covers the more melodic parts.

BeepBox Source

6. Jeroen Tel - Tintin on the Moon (Cover)

A cover of Tintin on the Moon by Jeroen Tel. I first came across this song in Space Station 13, where a remixed version by Cuboos was used as a title theme, and I've loved it ever since. This is an improved version of my previous Tintin on the Moon cover, featuring a nicer instrumentation and an official version of BeepBox. (The previous cover was made in ModBox, a modded fork of BeepBox.)

BeepBox Source