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Hello There

May 10, 2020

General Kenobi! You are a bold one.

Welcome, at long last! The journey has been perilous, and the roads frought with goblins and trolls, but finally I have arrived, bearing the spoils of a new website. It menaces with spikes of minimalism and dark themes. (Thanks to the Midnight theme by mattgraham.)

In actuality, setting up the site didn’t take all that long, it was just one of those projects that I had been meaning to work on for a very long time. Even for someone with very minimal web development experience, the whole process has been surprisingly painless. Even with my limited experience so far, I would easily recommend the GitHub Pages + Jekyll route if you’re interested in creating a website. Besides the custom domain name (which is optional), this approach is entirely free, lightweight, and pretty easy to work with. If you want an entirely open source solution, there’s also GitLab Pages, which I believe is quite comparable to GitHub’s offering.

(EDIT: I've since come up with a better way to host a site. Read more here.)

Anyway, this site will serve as a hub for me to organize information about my various personal projects. It will also provide a great way for me to dump the contents of my brain into an endless void, so that’s fun.

Here you can expect to see occasional ramblings on anything from roguelikes and open source software to worldbuilding and music. If you want updates about any of my rants, I hear Jekyll implements an Atom feed that you can subscribe to.

(EDIT AGAIN: I'm not using Jekyll anymore, but I've instead implemented my own RSS feed! You can find it here.)

That’s all I’ve got for now; thanks for checking this place out. Strike the earth!