FOSS, Procgen, Indie Games, Worldbuilding, and Music


If you want to send me a subspace transmission of some variety, simply quest onwards to one of the platforms below!


I check my email pretty regularly, so I strongly recommend emailing me if you want to get in touch. I use a variety of emails to avoid spam, so this contact address may change over time, and you'll probably receive a reply from a different address than the one you emailed.


I host an IRC server here on using UnrealIRCd. I tend to lurk on there most of the time, so it's a good option if you want to hop on and chat about something. The server enforces SSL connections and cloaks your IP, so it should be relatively secure and private as far as IRC servers go. I don't have a NickServ set up yet, but if you want to verify my identity, just ask me to become an IRCop if I'm not already. (SSL)


I also host a Mumble server using Murmur, which is a good option if you want to have a voice chat with me. I don't idle on there, so if you want to talk, shoot me an email first or ping me on IRC. (Password: Maugrift)


I'm not currently hosting my own Matrix server, but I do have an account on for the time being. I don't check it regularly, but it's an option nonetheless.


Here are some other places you can find me out in the multiverse.


I use GitHub to host the main instances of my repositories, mainly to make it easier to find and contribute to them. I also have an index of all my self-hosted Git repositories that you can find here.

I use to distribute some of my games, again mainly to provide better visibility and allow for donations.