AsciiPanel Windowing Toolkit, an extension library for AsciiPanel
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2020-06-15 15:36Fix strangely broken AsciiPanel link in READMEMaugrift1+1-1
2019-05-04 04:07Incorporate MaugriftUtils and get AsciiPanel from JitPackMaugrift8+1046-40
2018-02-04 22:53Revert compatibility changes, fix window size reduction, and return on empty write statements instead of throwing exceptionsMaugrift3+4-7
2018-02-01 14:26Remove unintended line wrap in bitbucket-pipelines.ymlMaugrift1+2-3
2018-02-01 14:25Remove MaugriftUtils and SquidLib dependencies and add compatibility for Java 9 and JitPackMaugrift24+999-1014
2017-10-14 17:39Add dependency licensesMaugrift3+217-0
2017-10-14 17:06Add a note to the README about code styleMaugrift1+1-1
2017-10-14 16:57Merge branch 'master' of https://bitbucket.org/Maugrift/asciipanelwindowingtoolkitMaugrift1+1-1
2017-10-14 16:55Add more code optimizations and edit the READMEMaugrift11+20-20
2017-10-14 16:55Migrate to GradleMaugrift84+5250-4093
2017-08-18 23:04Add insert methods to ColorStringBoldorf Smokebane1+46-0
2017-08-05 16:57README.md edited online with BitbucketBoldorf Smokebane1+1-1
2017-08-05 16:52README.md edited online with BitbucketBoldorf Smokebane1+1-1
2017-08-05 16:37README.md edited online with BitbucketBoldorf Smokebane1+1-1
2017-08-05 16:36README.md edited online with BitbucketBoldorf Smokebane1+2-2
2017-08-05 16:17Move utilities to a new libraryBoldorf Smokebane9+0-1777
2017-07-31 20:27Add a utility method for sorting points by distanceBoldorf Smokebane1+10-0
2017-07-31 18:26Declare ArrayLists and LinkedLists as ListsBoldorf Smokebane4+8-7
2017-07-29 16:24Add volume control for ClipsBoldorf Smokebane1+33-3
2017-07-28 19:26Replace an empty String equals() check with String.isEmpty()Boldorf Smokebane1+1-1
2017-07-28 02:30Add a toGoToCardinal() method in UtilityBoldorf Smokebane1+11-0
2017-07-18 22:39Add a utility to convert Coords into Strings as ordered pairsBoldorf Smokebane1+10-3
2017-07-16 20:23Redirect both key-based updateSelection() methods to a single Direction-based methodBoldorf Smokebane1+19-19
2017-07-15 15:26Shrink the display by 10 pixels to remove gray areaBoldorf Smokebane1+1-0
2017-07-15 15:26Add an image loading methodBoldorf Smokebane1+14-0
2017-07-15 14:27Prevent the display from being resizedBoldorf Smokebane1+1-0
2017-07-13 15:55Fix ColorChar.equals()Boldorf Smokebane1+4-8
2017-07-13 15:02Rename set to characters in ColorStringBoldorf Smokebane3+39-39
2017-07-13 15:00Add an equals() method to ColorStringBoldorf Smokebane1+19-0
2017-07-12 18:39README.md edited online with BitbucketBoldorf Smokebane1+4-0
2017-07-12 18:31LICENSE.md created online with BitbucketBoldorf Smokebane1+8-0
2017-07-12 17:32Add the keybinding system from EverSectorBoldorf Smokebane2+101-0
2017-07-12 17:31Add documentation to ColorStringObject.toColorString() and the boldorf.util packageBoldorf Smokebane2+10-0
2017-07-12 16:55Add a ColorStringObject classBoldorf Smokebane2+37-14
2017-06-30 14:55Remove y, n, and q as special keys in TerminalBoldorf Smokebane1+4-0
2017-06-27 18:39Add a method in FileManager to retrieve all files in a folderBoldorf Smokebane1+15-0
2017-06-24 21:15Add more documentation to ConfirmationScreenBoldorf Smokebane1+41-0
2017-06-24 21:11Save default ConfirmationScreen keycodes as constantsBoldorf Smokebane1+9-4
2017-06-24 21:04Store ConfirmationScreen's default keycodes in ArrayLists for future editingBoldorf Smokebane1+4-2
2017-06-23 21:29Allow retrieval of confirm, deny, and cancel codes from ConfirmationScreen after constructionBoldorf Smokebane1+9-0
2017-06-22 19:03README.md edited online with BitbucketBoldorf Smokebane1+1-1
2017-06-22 18:58README.md edited online with BitbucketBoldorf Smokebane1+22-0
2017-06-22 18:39Remove the nbproject directoryBoldorf Smokebane5+1-1546
2017-06-22 18:37Include dependencies with the projectBoldorf Smokebane15+1695-34
2017-06-22 18:22Remove the bundle directoryBoldorf Smokebane7+0-87
2017-06-22 17:03Rename project to AsciiPanelWindowingToolkit (APWT)Boldorf Smokebane85+3876-6952
2017-06-22 16:29Move parsing methods from Prompt to UtilityBoldorf Smokebane2+53-52
2017-06-16 16:28Add a CursorScreen interface with different implementationsBoldorf Smokebane3+136-69
2017-06-16 16:27Make ConfirmationScreen more customizable and make MenuScreen abstractBoldorf Smokebane2+55-25
2017-06-15 21:49Fix positioning of separators in PopupWindowBoldorf Smokebane2+9-2
2017-06-15 20:56Add getArticle() methods to NameableBoldorf Smokebane1+22-10
2017-06-15 17:50Add a Utility classBoldorf Smokebane4+197-66
2017-06-15 03:15Remove call to toArray() in ColorString constructorBoldorf Smokebane1+1-3
2017-06-14 21:18Add a getScreen() method to DisplayBoldorf Smokebane1+9-0
2017-06-14 21:11Remove Window add, set, and insert methodsBoldorf Smokebane8+19-46
2017-06-14 18:27Add Display.keyToDirectionRestricted(), which only reads from arrow keysBoldorf Smokebane1+33-9
2017-06-14 00:07Remove ColorString, rename ColorSet to ColorStringBoldorf Smokebane15+364-787
2017-06-13 20:28Revert combination of separator-drawing loops in AlignedWindowBoldorf Smokebane1+22-14
2017-06-12 18:41Fix inverted selecting direction in updateSelectionRestricted()Boldorf Smokebane1+2-2
2017-06-12 18:40Add the ability to restrict selection ranges in MenusBoldorf Smokebane1+48-13
2017-06-12 18:38Avoid NullPointerExceptions when apply menu colors to a null ColorSetBoldorf Smokebane1+2-0
2017-06-12 18:38Fix NullPointerException when displaying Menus with separatorsBoldorf Smokebane2+2-2
2017-06-12 14:51Add a MenuType argument for MenuScreenBoldorf Smokebane1+5-4
2017-06-12 03:04Fix PopupWindow border positioning againBoldorf Smokebane1+6-6
2017-06-12 03:04Allow single ColorChars as arguments in ColorSet constructors and Window additionsBoldorf Smokebane2+20-0
2017-06-10 23:39Remove Display parameter in MenuScreen constructorBoldorf Smokebane1+2-5
2017-06-10 23:04Perform ConfirmationScreen's confirmation checks in processInput()Boldorf Smokebane4+5-4
2017-06-10 22:37Only change the color of a selection in ColoredMenu if the color is not nullBoldorf Smokebane3+11-4
2017-06-10 22:13Make PopupWindow print to the very center of the displayBoldorf Smokebane1+35-58
2017-06-10 22:11Fix Display.getCenterY() and positioning of lines in writeCenter()Boldorf Smokebane1+2-2
2017-06-09 02:17Move some functionality of AlignedWindow to CoordWindowBoldorf Smokebane3+117-33
2017-06-09 01:31Add Display.writeCenter() functions to write centered around a given pointBoldorf Smokebane1+86-11
2017-06-09 00:51Add ColorSet constructors that accept Strings and Colors, like ColorStringBoldorf Smokebane1+21-0
2017-06-09 00:49Add toString() methods to ColorChar and ColorSetBoldorf Smokebane2+16-0
2017-06-06 19:02Add getCenter() methods to DisplayBoldorf Smokebane1+21-0
2017-06-06 18:55Make ColorSet.subSequence() return a ColorSet and add getColorCharAt()Boldorf Smokebane1+4-1
2017-06-05 00:20Add @link tags to ColorSet JavaDocBoldorf Smokebane1+110-84
2017-06-05 00:20Add @link tags to ColoredObject JavaDocBoldorf Smokebane1+9-7
2017-06-05 00:02Create a writeCenter() method compatible with ColorSets and rework the Window systemBoldorf Smokebane14+452-294
2017-05-19 01:03Refactor minor aspects of AlignedWindow's display() functionBoldorf Smokebane1+16-23
2017-05-19 01:01Add more center line charactersBoldorf Smokebane1+40-6
2017-05-19 01:01Return this after adding separators and using Window's add methodBoldorf Smokebane2+12-6
2017-05-18 01:47Fix line and indentation issues in AlignedWindowBoldorf Smokebane1+4-3
2017-05-18 01:43Remove resetContents() and use getContents().clear() insteadBoldorf Smokebane3+2-6
2017-05-18 00:49Revert "Add an addSeparator() method in ColorSet"Boldorf Smokebane1+0-7
2017-05-18 00:47Add an addSeparator() method in ColorSetBoldorf Smokebane1+7-0
2017-05-17 22:25Create an empty separator List in AlignedWindow if no argument is givenBoldorf Smokebane1+2-1
2017-05-17 22:22Add an add method to ColorSet for ColorCharsBoldorf Smokebane1+8-0
2017-05-17 21:44Add a simple WindowScreen interfaceBoldorf Smokebane1+14-0
2017-05-16 02:17Add a getter for the bottom-right coordinates of an AlignedWindowBoldorf Smokebane1+9-0
2017-05-16 01:52Remove Display's static graphical methodsBoldorf Smokebane1+48-213
2017-05-16 01:42Divide WindowBuilder functions into Display and Window subclassesBoldorf Smokebane4+456-728
2017-05-16 01:03Replace topLine and leftIndent in WindowBuilder with a single topLeft CoordBoldorf Smokebane2+109-151
2017-05-15 23:51Add List-based conversion methods in ColorSet and ColorStringBoldorf Smokebane2+77-4
2017-05-13 16:49Fix AlignedWindow JavaDocBoldorf Smokebane1+16-11
2017-05-13 16:33Add a toString() method to ColorString that returns its string fieldBoldorf Smokebane1+4-0
2017-05-13 16:24Revert PopupWindow(Display, int) redirect changeBoldorf Smokebane1+1-1
2017-05-13 16:23Make new PopupWindow constructor use a default Border rather than be borderlessBoldorf Smokebane1+2-2
2017-05-13 16:21Add missing constructor for PopupWindow(Display, List<ColorString>, int)Boldorf Smokebane1+9-0
2017-05-12 00:17Add Properties constructor to NameableBoldorf Smokebane1+14-0
2017-05-12 00:15Remove reference to isName() method in ContainerBoldorf Smokebane1+1-1
2017-05-12 00:06Add methods from EveSector's nameable class and make abstractBoldorf Smokebane1+173-18
2017-05-09 03:25Add some functionality from EverSector core classesBoldorf Smokebane2+66-1
2017-05-06 14:34Improve FileManager methods and return ClipsBoldorf Smokebane1+24-14
2017-05-06 14:34Add more exception throws to WindowBuilderBoldorf Smokebane1+14-4
2017-05-06 14:34Add a writeToFile() method in FileManagerBoldorf Smokebane1+43-0
2017-05-06 14:34Add imports and reorganize FileManager methodsBoldorf Smokebane1+76-74
2017-05-06 14:34Document TileMap and fix documentation issuesBoldorf Smokebane5+234-27
2017-05-06 14:34Perform a full documentation passBoldorf Smokebane43+1692-794
2017-05-06 14:34Remove ItemTile, since Items can be treated as EntitiesBoldorf Smokebane1+0-24
2017-05-06 14:34Remove specific fields from BeingBoldorf Smokebane1+2-14
2017-05-06 02:40Remove unnecessary self-reference in loopAudio()Boldorf Smokebane1+1-2
2017-05-06 02:40Add audio methods and path manipulation methods to FileManagerBoldorf Smokebane1+30-2
2017-05-06 02:40Simplify the directory systemBoldorf Smokebane4+32-22
2017-05-05 16:52Replace protected/public fields with getters and settersBoldorf Smokebane28+232-172
2017-05-05 03:34Add methods to retrieve input from TerminalBoldorf Smokebane1+12-1
2017-05-05 03:31Add varargs to various display methodsBoldorf Smokebane6+83-289
2017-05-05 02:47Replace most fail cases with exception throwsBoldorf Smokebane8+191-202
2017-05-04 23:57Move higher-level Entity functionality to Being and add AI classBoldorf Smokebane4+36-60
2017-05-04 02:51Add a menu system, confirmation screen, and fix popup windowsBoldorf Smokebane16+435-48
2017-05-03 12:33Add Cursor and CursorScreen for selecting tiles on mapsBoldorf Smokebane7+167-21
2017-05-02 00:54Add options to fill Windows with provided ColorsBoldorf Smokebane1+59-7
2017-05-01 01:27Fix Coord order in WindowBuilder contains check, update formattingBoldorf Smokebane3+9-10
2017-05-01 01:25Revise Tile system and update Map (now TileMap)Boldorf Smokebane9+490-426
2017-04-30 19:44Rename window package to windowsBoldorf Smokebane15+1396-1396
2017-04-30 19:44Move testing screens to demo project, remove dependency in DisplayBoldorf Smokebane3+3-332
2017-04-30 04:57Reenable MapScreen test code and assign special charactersBoldorf Smokebane1+17-9
2017-04-30 04:56Remove project-specific class to external demo projectBoldorf Smokebane6+5-138
2017-04-30 04:47Add ? and : format to various classes and improve parameter namesBoldorf Smokebane4+81-87
2017-04-30 04:46Fix Map crash by performing search after initializationBoldorf Smokebane1+4-2
2017-04-30 04:45Remove Printable interface from directoriesBoldorf Smokebane3+4-9
2017-04-30 04:17Move Main class outside of corelibBoldorf Smokebane8+168-327
2017-04-30 00:53Reorganize classes and packages to function as a libraryBoldorf Smokebane96+5714-5695
2017-04-30 00:46Remove unused import and add spacing in MasterScreenBoldorf Smokebane1+2-1
2017-04-30 00:38Change Terminal cancel and confirm functionsBoldorf Smokebane1+5-0
2017-04-29 17:13Split Terminal into PopupTerminal and AlignedTerminalBoldorf Smokebane6+224-50
2017-04-29 15:28Replace Terminal's PopupWindow with a generic WindowBoldorf Smokebane1+31-29
2017-04-29 15:25Implement CharSequence and ensure that Content extends itBoldorf Smokebane4+32-5
2017-04-29 15:09Make AlignedWindow and PopupWindow extensions of WindowBoldorf Smokebane5+282-306
2017-04-29 03:08Update parameters of constructors in the item systemBoldorf Smokebane6+27-23
2017-04-29 03:05Implement SquidLib and begin adding more Entity systemsBoldorf Smokebane17+468-548
2017-04-27 04:37Add Entity controls, scrolling, custom map display sizesBoldorf Smokebane6+224-79
2017-04-26 21:41Rework definition system to return a String[]Boldorf Smokebane6+43-35
2017-04-26 21:18Keep a reference to Main.random.get() in midpoint()Boldorf Smokebane1+8-6
2017-04-26 12:45Iterate through corners as an arrayBoldorf Smokebane1+5-4
2017-04-26 12:33Allow customization of the variation exponent in MapScreenBoldorf Smokebane1+29-10
2017-04-26 05:01Update title, author, and project propertiesBoldorf Smokebane1+23-1
2017-04-26 04:45Add a heightmap generator using midpoint displacementBoldorf Smokebane3+142-22
2017-04-26 03:34Add cave generation with basic cellular automataBoldorf Smokebane10+260-68
2017-04-25 22:55Reformat map classesBoldorf Smokebane7+54-55
2017-04-25 22:25Remove outdated TODOsBoldorf Smokebane3+0-7
2017-04-25 22:20Skip border and separator printing if nullBoldorf Smokebane1+67-31
2017-04-25 01:51Reorder old constructors so that primary ones are on topBoldorf Smokebane3+50-54
2017-04-25 01:45Improve NameGenerator, allowing it to handle many syllablesBoldorf Smokebane5+157-91
2017-04-24 12:43Loop through horizontal separators before vertical onesBoldorf Smokebane1+8-8
2017-04-24 12:38Fully document all existing Display classesBoldorf Smokebane19+1524-193
2017-04-23 18:49Move Console to core packageBoldorf Smokebane10+170-173
2017-04-23 18:10Allow for more complex window separationBoldorf Smokebane5+177-64
2017-04-23 15:48Add a ColoredObject class and add colors to Border classesBoldorf Smokebane8+123-56
2017-04-22 20:54Add support for colored text and make PopupWindowBoldorf Smokebane10+652-300
2017-04-22 17:06Rename Display.get() to Display.getPanel() and reorderBoldorf Smokebane2+6-6
2017-04-22 17:04Add color parameters for Display.write() functionsBoldorf Smokebane1+81-8
2017-04-15 18:08Add the ability to create horizontal separators within WindowsBoldorf Smokebane6+163-30
2017-04-15 14:34Rename Line to LineChars and Menu to ShapeMakerBoldorf Smokebane6+373-373
2017-04-15 14:28Add an example of a window moved by the arrow keysBoldorf Smokebane3+21-8
2017-04-15 14:15Add a Border class to wrap menu border argumentsBoldorf Smokebane7+152-86
2017-04-15 13:44Add intermediate Terminal constructorsBoldorf Smokebane1+5-1
2017-04-15 06:53Make Window an output-only class, reimplement subscreensBoldorf Smokebane3+56-50
2017-04-15 05:09Separate Terminal and Window functionalityBoldorf Smokebane5+164-112
2017-04-14 23:08Overhaul class hierarchy and add more customizability to TerminalBoldorf Smokebane15+355-315
2017-04-14 21:34Add Display.contains() and Menu bounds checksBoldorf Smokebane2+54-16
2017-04-14 18:47Add TerminalScreen as its own class and a subscreen in ExampleScreenBoldorf Smokebane2+88-55
2017-04-14 00:47Add Line and Menu classes, move console functions to ConsoleBoldorf Smokebane17+710-314
2017-04-13 01:00Add bookmarks and better documentation to core packagesBoldorf Smokebane9+249-17
2017-04-13 01:00Implement AsciiPanel functionality in DisplayBoldorf Smokebane15+347-77
2016-12-31 16:41Update launchers to mirror EverSectorBoldorf Smokebane4+6-4
2016-12-24 18:47Update core components to mirror changes in EverSectorBoldorf Smokebane4+164-26
2016-12-17 00:50Update Point with changes from EverSectorBoldorf Smokebane1+55-18
2016-12-06 03:15Add files and command systemBoldorf Smokebane9+179-42
2016-11-25 02:05Redo the parsing and cancelling system and add more stock actionsBoldorf Smokebane2+77-15
2016-11-24 04:43Add some minor changesBoldorf Smokebane4+20-10
2016-11-24 04:37Add package-info filesBoldorf Smokebane4+12-0
2016-11-24 04:35Update library with changes as made in HistorySimBoldorf Smokebane10+465-120
2016-11-24 02:29Add a directory packageBoldorf Smokebane4+32-0
2016-08-15 13:55Update with general changesBoldorf Smokebane3+139-101
2016-07-22 22:53Improve containers and add tile integrationBoldorf Smokebane4+92-25
2016-07-22 22:31Rename Tile to BaseTile and updated BasicItem to match styleBoldorf Smokebane4+59-59
2016-07-22 22:30Add core elements of new item systemBoldorf Smokebane4+132-6
2016-07-22 22:03Make some classes abstractBoldorf Smokebane3+3-3
2016-07-22 22:02Rename Item to BasicItemBoldorf Smokebane2+29-31
2016-07-22 21:57Add initial filesBoldorf Smokebane16+2405-0