A tiny medieval city builder
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2021-04-24 19:24Aligned interaction numbersKalen Wallin1+168-137
2021-04-24 06:40Fix black overlay, update README with grammar fixAaron Friesen2+1-5
2021-04-24 06:39Buff shop-forge interaction, fix minor grammar issueAaron Friesen2+3-3
2021-04-24 06:11Increase starting currency and game lengthAaron Friesen2+2-2
2021-04-24 05:49Slightly nerf statues, adjust big house scalingAaron Friesen3+20-7
2021-04-24 05:25Don't replay music upon input in the Recap screenAaron Friesen1+4-2
2021-04-24 04:56Fix tutorial typoAaron Friesen2+3-3
2021-04-24 04:22Modulate buildings connected via roadAaron Friesen1+60-33
2021-04-24 03:38Add GitHub link to title screenAaron Friesen1+6-4
2021-04-24 03:29Fix broken link in READMEAaron Friesen1+1-1
2021-04-24 03:29Link to GitHub profiles on READMEAaron Friesen1+5-5
2021-04-24 03:27Move link to start of READMEAaron Friesen1+1-5
2021-04-24 03:26Add README and licensesAaron Friesen3+1091-0
2021-04-24 03:06Add website link to title screenAaron Friesen1+26-10
2021-04-24 02:59Add game icon for executablesAaron Friesen8+68-0
2021-04-24 02:43Simplify currency/VP icons, clean up info screenAaron Friesen4+65-347
2021-04-24 02:18Shade preview if too expensiveAaron Friesen1+21-15
2021-04-24 02:09Add fullscreen buttonAaron Friesen3+66-22
2021-04-24 02:03Prevent exiting the game in HTMLAaron Friesen3+4-1
2021-04-24 02:00Change window scaling settingsAaron Friesen1+2-2
2021-04-24 01:51Add authors and version to title screenAaron Friesen9+97-47
2021-04-24 01:31Update info screen with new pyramid interactionsAaron Friesen4+22-80
2021-04-24 01:18Don't try to modulate tile buildingsAaron Friesen1+1-1
2021-04-24 01:12Rebalance pyramidAaron Friesen1+20-10
2021-04-24 00:58Slightly improve preview label positioningAaron Friesen2+8-7
2021-04-24 00:32Offset start of title musicAaron Friesen3+5-2
2021-04-24 00:01Merge branch 'master' of Friesen2+94-113
2021-04-24 00:01Add menu background, resize UIsAaron Friesen8+210-103
2021-04-23 23:29Fix preview errors in creative modeAaron Friesen1+3-0
2021-04-23 19:12Add a tutorial popupAaron Friesen7+147-7
2021-04-22 17:25Balance cathedral, keep, tower; fix errorsAaron Friesen3+26-24
2021-04-22 16:20Change name to MinievalAaron Friesen2+6-4
2021-04-19 23:23Ignore the export directoryAaron Friesen1+3-0
2021-04-19 22:39Remove deleted node paths from Options, center UIsAaron Friesen3+48-53
2021-04-19 18:16Updated Info Overlay to reflect recent changesKalen Wallin2+133-262
2021-04-19 08:18Reset globals after a custom game, refactoringAaron Friesen7+61-43
2021-04-19 08:01Very minor refactor of options menu codeAaron Friesen2+9-6
2021-04-19 07:57Remove unused game over screenAaron Friesen4+0-157
2021-04-19 07:56Refactor timer, add support for hoursAaron Friesen2+22-16
2021-04-19 07:41Color nearby buildings based on their interactionsAaron Friesen1+38-6
2021-04-19 07:20Optimization: only hide UIs once in creative modeAaron Friesen1+8-7
2021-04-19 07:17Hide UIs in creative mode, generalize camera startAaron Friesen2+39-35
2021-04-19 06:52Remove old menusAaron Friesen9+0-1244
2021-04-19 06:49Fix node names in custom game menuAaron Friesen1+7-7
2021-04-19 06:44Replace new game menu with a custom game menuAaron Friesen9+418-34
2021-04-19 05:38Style options menu, clean up UI codeAaron Friesen11+138-177
2021-04-19 04:40Clean up UI, enlarge VP icon, show + in previewAaron Friesen7+56-14
2021-04-19 04:14Edit statue iconAaron Friesen1+0-0
2021-04-19 04:13Edit pyramid sprite, balance statueAaron Friesen3+8-6
2021-04-19 03:58Add/change sprites, replace field with statueAaron Friesen11+146-20
2021-04-19 01:47Removed Advanced Options Menuviet-ninh2+6-84
2021-04-19 01:43Merge branch 'master' of Wallin1+27-47
2021-04-19 01:43Music Volume Options slider now affects Title MusicKalen Wallin3+7-6
2021-04-19 01:13Able to change SFX Volume and In-game Music VolumeKalen Wallin3+46-4
2021-04-19 00:55Remove print statements (oops)Aaron Friesen1+0-7
2021-04-19 00:49Use base group for road currency calculationAaron Friesen1+8-1
2021-04-19 00:23Temporarily disable road modifierAaron Friesen1+1-1
2021-04-19 00:17Merge branch 'master' of Friesen2+6-6
2021-04-19 00:17Temporarily disable incrementsAaron Friesen1+2-2
2021-04-19 00:01Merge branch 'master' of Friesen7+1902-5
2021-04-19 00:00Merge branch 'Balancing' of Friesen1+14-8
2021-04-15 01:20Added advanced options menu screenviet-ninh2+144-66
2021-04-15 01:19Merge branch 'master' of Friesen5+83-14
2021-04-15 01:19Adjust building value based on road connectionsAaron Friesen1+22-3
2021-04-11 10:39Update adjacencies when placing new buildingsAaron Friesen2+65-4
2021-04-11 09:30Merge branch 'master' of Friesen6+55-11
2021-04-11 09:30Track buildings adjacent to each road networkAaron Friesen1+44-10
2021-04-12 01:29Updated Soundtrack to include new songsEvan Mielak1+0-0
2021-04-12 01:21Options Menu bug fixviet-ninh2+4-13
2021-04-04 03:21Destroying allowed for Creative ModeKalen Wallin2+4-2
2021-04-04 03:12Added Creative Game ModeKalen Wallin9+271-33
2021-04-04 02:39Added Recap MusicKalen Wallin3+13-2
2021-04-04 02:28Title music now plays through game mode selectionKalen Wallin6+13-8
2021-04-04 01:47Merge branch 'master' of Wallin1+39-38
2021-04-04 01:47Choose game mode UI now reflects previous choicesKalen Wallin6+45-6
2021-04-04 01:35Centered Camera for different map sizesKalen Wallin1+7-0
2021-04-04 00:40Merge branch 'master' of Friesen1+2-2
2021-04-04 00:40Reorder TileMap methods to be slightly more sensibleAaron Friesen1+1-3
2021-04-04 00:26Merge branch 'master' of Friesen4+18-10
2021-04-04 00:26Improve documentationAaron Friesen1+47-2
2021-04-03 22:45Implemented Timed and freeplay gamemodesKalen Wallin10+291-10
2021-04-01 03:23Add default selections to new game UIsAaron Friesen2+4-0
2021-04-01 02:29Fix undoing group joinsAaron Friesen1+37-38
2021-04-01 02:05Properly hide turn label and preview iconsAaron Friesen2+33-11
2021-04-01 01:14The options button now goes back to the previous sceneviet-ninh8+24-8
2021-04-01 00:46Add grouping functionality for tiles (e.g. roads)Aaron Friesen1+81-22
2021-03-29 21:13Offset building placements, fix destroying buildingsAaron Friesen1+34-21
2021-03-29 03:51Add autotiled roads and building iconsAaron Friesen11+232-81
2021-03-29 02:39Toggled game mode buttons and added Time based game mode menuKalen Wallin7+365-24
2021-03-29 01:40Able to choose game size and number of turnsKalen Wallin1+3-3
2021-03-29 01:30Added NewGameUI and Global VariablesKalen Wallin8+452-11
2021-03-29 01:25Merge branch 'master' of Friesen2+15-9
2021-03-29 01:25Balance new buildings somewhatAaron Friesen3+71-64
2021-03-29 00:26Add more multi-tile buildings for testingAaron Friesen24+418-18
2021-03-28 20:02Merge branch 'master' into building_spritesAaron Friesen15+435-51
2021-03-28 19:57Fix tile buildingsAaron Friesen3+38-24
2021-03-28 02:11Implement multi-tile buildings!Aaron Friesen2+167-113
2021-03-28 00:44Fix preview and start on multi-tile buildingsAaron Friesen4+81-13
2021-03-25 03:18Implement core of sprite-based rendering systemAaron Friesen5+165-35
2021-03-25 00:13Change title music (by popular demand)Aaron Friesen5+16-16
2021-03-22 05:20Add main menu musicAaron Friesen5+36-1
2021-03-22 04:54Finish core of time-limited gamemodeAaron Friesen1+12-2
2021-03-22 04:43Fix issues in RecapUIScriptAaron Friesen1+6-5
2021-03-22 04:38Add initial turn tracking featuresAaron Friesen4+44-20
2021-03-22 04:18Optimize graphics settings for 2D pixel artAaron Friesen1+3-0
2021-03-22 04:10Change resolution to 1280x720 and allow resizingAaron Friesen6+44-23
2021-03-22 03:54Use vectors for panning cameraAaron Friesen1+3-4
2021-03-22 03:49Add pixel-perfect zooming, use Godot's input mapAaron Friesen2+51-44
2021-03-22 03:14Use Godot's input system for undo/redoAaron Friesen2+34-23
2021-03-22 03:10Preview building currency and VP changeAaron Friesen2+69-20
2021-03-22 02:22Use str cast instead of format strings for stats UIAaron Friesen1+3-3
2021-03-22 02:14Merge branch 'master' of Friesen5+179-4
2021-03-22 02:11Reposition options button and add to title screenAaron Friesen2+55-31
2021-03-22 01:51Merge branch 'master' of
2021-03-22 01:50Added an options button at the pause menuviet-ninh1+35-15
2021-03-22 01:42Update preview every frame (in case camera moves/zooms)Aaron Friesen1+11-6
2021-03-22 01:35Play error sound when placement is nullAaron Friesen1+1-4
2021-03-22 01:33Prevent deleting tiles outside the mapAaron Friesen1+1-1
2021-03-22 01:31Reference tilemap directly for stats UIAaron Friesen3+7-36
2021-03-22 01:10Merge branch 'master' of Mielak5+184-1
2021-03-22 01:10Added white/preview tile to tilesheetEvan Mielak2+1-0
2021-03-21 00:44Lowered error sound volume. Implemented error sound when attempting to destroy empty squares.Evan Mielak2+2-0
2021-03-21 00:41Implemented error sound when attempting to illegally place a building.Evan Mielak4+28-1
2021-03-21 00:08Added WASD keys for camera movementKalen Wallin1+28-0
2021-03-19 19:44Apply styles and themes to game over screenAaron Friesen1+51-24
2021-03-19 19:35Preview building placementAaron Friesen2+43-8
2021-03-19 18:00Refactor building placement and fix undo systemAaron Friesen1+77-53
2021-03-19 17:38Add core undo/redo systemAaron Friesen1+42-0
2021-03-19 17:15Implement victory pointsAaron Friesen1+42-20
2021-03-19 17:01Increment the cost of a building each time it's builtAaron Friesen1+22-12
2021-03-18 15:39Add fonts, themes, and styles; organize hierarchyAaron Friesen36+508-434
2021-03-18 14:50Make the background color black to match tilesAaron Friesen1+1-0
2021-03-18 01:46Update tile placement to account for zoomAaron Friesen3+15-3
2021-03-18 00:58Merge branch 'master' of Friesen3+50-21
2021-03-18 00:58Fix tile placement relative to cameraAaron Friesen3+9-35
2021-03-18 00:43Merge branch 'master' of Friesen4+47-4
2021-03-18 00:43Gain/lose currency based on nearby buildingsAaron Friesen1+71-17
2021-03-15 04:10Merge branch 'master' of Friesen2+3-3
2021-03-15 04:10Add basic currency implementationAaron Friesen3+50-2
2021-03-14 02:22Add keyboard shortcuts to building paletteAaron Friesen1+9-5
2021-03-14 02:14Prevent building on top of other buildingsAaron Friesen1+2-1
2021-03-14 02:12Preload sound effects as nodesAaron Friesen2+11-9
2021-03-14 02:07Set title screen to main sceneAaron Friesen2+2-1
2021-03-14 02:01Fix TileMap input againAaron Friesen1+5-2
2021-03-14 01:59Improve TileMap input handlingAaron Friesen1+3-1
2021-03-14 01:55Fix reference to background musicAaron Friesen1+1-1
2021-03-14 01:55Merge branch 'master' of Friesen1+0-0
2021-03-14 01:51Merge branch 'master' of Friesen12+158-26
2021-03-14 01:50Implement building paletteAaron Friesen6+284-238
2021-03-09 00:15Added Title ScreenKalen Wallin8+230-96
2021-03-08 06:41Fixed playing destroy sound when scrolling.Evan Mielak2+1-9
2021-03-08 06:04Fix scene parsing errorsAaron Friesen1+3-3
2021-03-08 05:25Merge branch 'master' of Mielak7+138-194
2021-03-08 05:22Added background music, sound effect for building and destroying buildings.Evan Mielak9+92-8
2021-03-08 01:55Add TileMap that can be updated by clickingAaron Friesen8+479-23
2021-03-04 01:07Hello world!Aaron Friesen7+98-0