FOSS, Procgen, Indie Games, Worldbuilding, and Music

Hi! My name is Aaron Friesen, though you'll often find my work under the alias Maugrift.

I'm predominantly a developer, but I have a variety of interests: music composition and improvisation; writing, worldbuilding, and roleplaying; indie games, roguelikes, and speedrunning; and perhaps even more! I'm a big fan of free software and free content in general, and I dedicate most of my works to the commons.

I'm probably most notable for having created EverSector, a space simulation roguelike. However, I've made a bunch of other stuff too, and you can find most of it just by browsing around this site.

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January 31, 2021

MusiCLI (pronounced "musically") is a simple, tracker-like, MIDI sequencer that runs entirely in the terminal, developed by Aaron Friesen and David Ryan for CornHacks 2021.

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